What do we mean by excellent fundraising?

Excellent fundraising is fundraising that inspires people and organisations to give, and provides the resources in order that those organisations fulfil their objectives. Excellent fundraising is values-driven, ethical and effective and treats donors fairly and with respect.

An excellent fundraising organisation is one that adopts a strategic approach to achieving its objectives; embeds excellent fundraising throughout its organisation, including in its staff, volunteers and trustees; continually reviews its practices and makes improvements, innovates through ideas and technology, and invests in staff, volunteers and systems.

Our vision is Excellent Fundraising for a Better World

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is the professional membership body for fundraising in the UK. We support fundraisers through leadership and representation; best practice and compliance; education and networking; and we champion and promote fundraising as a career choice. We are also a charity and support charities and public benefit organisations to connect donors and supporters with the causes they care passionately about. Excellent fundraising is the essential ingredient that enables us to make the world a better place.

Our strategic objectives

In order to deliver excellent fundraising we have set ourselves the following strategic objectives:

1. We will represent and serve the fundraising community.

We will do this by:

  • Raising the understanding of fundraising and its impact amongst supporters and donors, decision makers, the media, funders and the general public
  • Representing and presenting the voices of fundraisers and fundraising organisations to government, policy-makers and the media
  • Growing our reach into the fundraising community, ensuring we support and develop excellent fundraising in all types and sizes of organisation
2. We will achieve higher levels of excellent fundraising across the UK.

 We will do this by:

  • Ensuring our members’ insight and knowledge of donor and supporter experiences contribute to the development of fundraising standards which raise public trust in fundraising
  • Supporting our members to deliver truly excellent fundraising which inspires people and organisations to give and makes donors feel good about giving
  • Offering sector-leading training, qualifications, conferences and networking opportunities for fundraisers at all stages of their careers
3. We will champion fundraising and the fundraising profession.

We will do this by: 

  • Championing and sharing excellent and innovative fundraising, and fundraising thought leadership, across our membership and to the wider fundraising community
  • Developing fundraising as a respected profession that attracts and retains talent from diverse backgrounds
  • Working to become the Chartered Institute of Fundraising in the UK

Download our Strategic Framework 2017 -21, browse past Annual Reports and read more about us on our website

Our twelve month objectives

Due to the extraordinary external situation we made the decision not to develop and launch a new strategy at the end of this year, but rather develop a key set of objectives for the next twelve months. Over that period we will also develop a new strategy for the Chartered Institute.

We will unremittingly retain our focus on serving our members and embedding EDI and supporter experience in all our work. We will optimise the impact of our new CRM and website and develop our staff and volunteer teams to be fit for the future. We will embed the use of insight, develop an agile, high performance team & organisation, and focus on our people and relationships.

More specifically we will:

1. Advocacy and guidance and support.
  • Represent our members and the wider sector to government
  • Provide our members and the wider sector with the guidance and advice to get through and beyond the crisis & help them change and innovate to build a better future
  • Continue our work supporting our members & the wider fundraising community to embed supporter experience and inspiring donors to give at the heart of their fundraising
2. Online learning and networking opportunities.
  • Move Fundraising Convention and all of our conferences, training, qualifications & events online, in a way that can access our support to wider audiences
  • Develop sustainable online and blended learning and CPD delivery
  • Support our National, Regional & Special Interest Groups to provide online content and networking opportunities
  • Launch the Level 3 apprenticeship in fundraising
3. Create a more equal, diverse & inclusive Institute & sector.
  • Continue our work on EDI, launching our recruitment guides, Pledge and research into why there are so few BAME fundraisers
  • Secure Inclusive Employers Bronze level and continue to train all our staff & volunteers on EDI
  • Continue our work to ensure a safe & inclusive culture within the IoF and the wider fundraising community
4. Create the platform for a modern & agile financially sustainable Chartered Institute.
  • Launch our new identity and website
  • Fully implement the new CRM
  • Develop the staff and volunteer team to be fit for the future